Guatemalan Coffee – Goes Perfect With Roastaire !

The coffee plantation trip to Guatemala has been a lot of fun and we’ve learned alot about the farming, harvesting, wet process, and dry processing of great coffee. Ricardo and Cynthia Zelaya were very gracious to show us all aspects of the farm. It renewed my sense of all things ‘coffee’ and reinforced that while you may source great green coffee, roasting it consistently is the next step in the value chain to the customer. With the proliferation of large coffee chains upping their coffee game, what are small cafe owners going to do to compete with this?  You have to either move upscale, or try and compete on price, and we know where that will get you !   You will look like one of those Gerbil on the tread wheel in an aquarium.

No seriously….if you try and compete on price you have to significantly increase volume, and unless you live in a place that’s never seen coffee, or is about to go through a population explosion, you need to figure out: Who is taking your customers ?, What is your competition doing differently to accomplish this ?, When is this going to stop ? or When is this going to financially going to break you ?, Where can you grow your business ?, or, Where can you compete that nobody else can ?…and How are you planning to be profitable in the future ?  I know these are a lot of questions, but you best ask them now…not later when you realize you built a same as Starbucks…or some other same-as coffee house.

Roasting makes you unique, like the coffee of Guatemala, which is unique. Don’t be caught in ‘no-man’s’ land with the other coffee houses…start roasting with us today !

Coffee That Needs A Roastaire To Realize Its Potential !

Not only do we train you how to roast, and prepare great coffee, we help you source some of the best green coffees from around the world. Guatemalan Micro-Lots are just one of the coffees we can help you introduce great coffee to your new potential customers, who will appreciate freshness….and Freshness is the only way you will be able to compete in the future in the Specialty Coffee business. Roasting onsite gives you that differentiation !


Looking for Cup of Excellence Coffee !