Husta Luego Guatemala….for now !

The trip to Guatemala was a huge success for a number of reasons, but mostly because we developed more friendships for the future. What makes things successful for anyone in the coffee business are the relationships they build. Ricardo Zelaya and his wife Cynthia are wonderful people, doing wonderful things to grow great coffee. We’re looking forward to getting home so that we can roast some of that great ‘yellow bourbon’ and some of the small ‘micro-lot’ coffees that we saw being processed.

Sustainable coffee starts with the farmers, and we carry the tourch through the next critical stage…roasting !  People cannot forget where the bulk of the energy consumption, and emissions are when it comes to coffee. Gas-fired roasters are inefficient in both of these areas.

In Antigua and Panajachel, all three coffee roasters didn’t even run an afterburner, which in Canada is simply unheard of. I realize that the environmental regulations are different, but the emissions of even these small roasters, reminds me of the importance of the work we are doing at Roastaire Canada.

Every industry has to go through its ‘baby-steps’ and our hope is that more cafe owners see that buying coffee from a third party roaster will soon be a thing of the past…Onsite roasting ‘is’ the future of the specialty coffee industry in Canada !

Ricardo Zelaya talking coffee…

We look forward to coming back soon to see the progress of the soon to be added ‘Sky Bar’ at the top of the Santa Clara plantation. The only thing that would make it more perfect than it is, would be an espresso….then a cold Gallo !