Emissions Matter As Part Of The Sustainability Discussion !

We often talk about ‘sustainability’ in coffee as it relates to how we buy coffee, and what kind of coffee cup we use. Sustainability is seldom talked about as it relates to ‘roasting’ or the secondary distribution of the finished product itself.

For the past 10+ years we have aspired to fine-tune a business model that not only brings on-site roasting to the forefront to improve freshness, but wanted to bring attention to the challenges roasting in urban areas brings to the Roastery Cafe model. We believe that everyone sees the value that fresh coffee brings to a cafe, however, the ’emissions’ component is often overlooked (unless you are a neighbour who puts up the smell of roasting coffee). Sometimes its a case of… ‘out of sight, out of mind’…which if you are a roaster that uses an afterburner you might be reducing the visible signs of the emssions, but the VOC’s are still present. Furthermore, the fact that in order to make emissions less visible, you need to ‘super-heat’ the air after it’s already been heated to a high temp (400-450°F) to roast the coffee. Imagine the energy required to take the smoke laden air of 450°F air to a temperature needed to remove the sight of the smoke?  Afterburners run at temperatures of 700°+ in range.