An Addition to the Roastaire Family

I started with Fresh Cup Roastery Café over eight and a half years ago at the very fresh age of sixteen, 2014-04-11 20.52.37which is when I encountered my first Roast Masters, Mel and Jim Townley. I grew up on Vancouver Island, and had never really experienced coffee in any capacity other than a sugar-filled Frappucino, making me a terrible judge of any coffee. Now, when I starting drinking drip coffee by the Roastaire I thought that was what normal coffee tasted like.

Three years later imagine my reaction when I went off to Europe to travel, and then to University, and discovered what the rest of the masses considered to be a truly great ‘coffee’. It wasn’t pretty. I won’t lie, I used to regale people with tales of my time at the roastery café, where I had fresh coffee basically on tap at all times. Needless to say, I missed it, and I always found some way to end up back at Fresh Cup: taking an hour bus ride, even waking up at ungodly hours to do café baking.

So how does this connect to the Roastaire? Well, for one, it creates beautiful, fresh, and amazingly consistent coffee. Secondly, the roastery café environment is held together by the Fresh Cup family (whether related or not) and by the quality it stands for.

Throughout the years I’ve worked at many cafés, and as a barista, baker, and manager. The coffee the Roastaire produces is hands down the easiest coffee I’ve ever had to discuss and rave about. It also has always been my home base, whether I tried studying History or learning to be a filmmaker in Vancouver, coffee has always been my family, my constant, and my home.

So, I welcome myself back to the family with a new role once more: Lead Roaster in Vancouver.