Does it Really Matter?

Why does it matter that coffee can be small-batch roasted on-site? Do people really need to see where their coffee is roasted and who is doing the roasting?

If you want to create and foster an image of freshness? Definitely. Not only do I think it adds a sense of romance to a cafe, it also harkens back to the true artisanal style of food that existed when there was no sense of industrialization or logistics. People bought the resources they needed where it was made because there was simply no alternative. So while I’m not saying we should all just go back to a time where you only had the option of buying what was nearby because it’s ‘fresher’, I wholly support a local business camaraderie and the idea that some things are just better fresh out of the oven… just like warm coffee out of the roaster.DSC_4883

Now, as some coffee roasters grow in business, they often build one or two central locations that output large amount of coffee to various businesses. While this definitely makes sense, it is by no means the only way that a coffee roaster can expand, and this can often jeopardize the freshness of the coffee they’re delivering. I believe that the roastery café reminds people that some things are just better fresh, like baked bread made from scratch.

Having the small, convenient, and accessible Roastaire is extremely valuable and cost efficient in the long run, and instead of coming up against growth and expansion issues, you just need to remember to leave space for that essential roasting piece to your café, much like you would remember the espresso machine, the oven, and the till.