Better Coffee


Roastmaster Mel Townley adding green beans to The Roastaire.


Having a Roastaire means freshe, better coffee every day.

“Better Roastmaster control ensures ultimate flavour & freshness”

Mel Townley, Roastmaster & Roastaire owner at Fresh Cup Coffee, Saanichton, B.C.

Developed to provide roastery cafes with the ability to precision-roast, to exact specifications and levels of control, Roastaire’s unique clean-air roasting technology, produces the freshest tasting, artisan-roast coffee available.

Roastaire captures the same aromatic nuances as a drum roaster, but with the controlled, even heating that only a fluidized-bed air roaster can provide. The patented SMRT™ Roastaire roasting method allows for perfect bean carmelization – making for a clean, full flavored profile, with no burnt or bitter after tastes.

Roastaire’s SMRT™ roasting process is also fully customizable and adjustable to the roastmaster’s preferences.  It can be customized to capture specific profiles of different varieties of coffee beans, therefore developing the richest tastes. The real time activity that the SMRT™ control software monitors the activity of the roast so the Roastmaster can make precise decisions as they roast.

Another key attribute that makes the Roastaire unique is consistency.  The SMRT™ roasting technology removes common roasting variables such as weather, humidity, season etc.  With Roastaire, a specific roast can be easily duplicated, batch after batch… thus focusing on the end result at all times.