Moving Forward

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Life is all about moving forward with enough courage to keep trying, and staying focused, while at the same time reflecting on our life experiences to minimize making the same mistakes twice (or three times for that matter) while moving ahead. I was going through Jasper National Park today on route to Edmonton to pick up a new Roastaire for our customer in Tsawwassen and thought the photo was fitting.

The adventure continues….and there’s no question that life is in front, not behind…although ‘objects in the past may seem closer than they appear’ :-)


You can’t safely move forward in life if you’re always checking the rear-view !


Another Epic Canadian Coffee Journey Starts

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Roastaire at Canadian Coffee and Tea Show

Roastaire… micro-roasting so portable we can take it across Canada to the Canadian Coffee and Tea Show.

For the second time in as many years we’ve decided to travel cross country to show the coffee lovers of Toronto what truly fresh coffee is all about. Starting on the September long-weekend, we head east through Edmonton to the 2012 Canadian Coffee & Tea Show. In addition to roasting in-doors without emissions, we have been asked to head-up a couple of classes on why the ‘Roastery Café will be the next evolution of the coffee house’. The journey is epic… but so is the coffee industry for Canadians.