Cask Conditioned

Sustainable Energy Efficient Cask Conditioned Coffee

Roastaire™ roasted cask conditioned craft coffee.

Promising unique new taste experiences for coffee lovers, cask conditioned craft coffee beans are deeply infused with carefully chosen ingredients, conditioned in oak casks, and then roasted in small batches. Some highly successful Roastaire™ roasted infusions have included bourbon, amber rum, and honey-mead wine, which recently scored an impressive 93 Points from Coffee Review. This roast received tasting notes describing it as ‘fruit-toned spirits, crisp roasted cacao nib in aroma and cup, velvety mouth feel, long persistent finish’. Roastaire™ technology enables the precision roasting needed to optimize the flavour of each new variety of infused beans offering flavour qualities that are often unexpected, and are always rich, complex and full of subtle nuances.