Clean Air Roasting

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Elizabeth May visited to see our efficient, sustainable Roastaire

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roastaire air coffee roaster

The Roastaire at Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe on Vancouver Island - note how little space it requires in the back room.

Roastaire - Small footprint energy efficient coffee roaster

Compact size, energy efficiency and virtually no emissions are only a few of the benefits offered by the Roastaire.

Roastaire’s near-zero emission technology and compact footprint allows in-house roasting in places never before possible

Roasting emissions is a big issue in a growing number of cities & towns. A quick Google search will turn up many instances of odour complaints and enforcement measures involving coffee roasters.  The presence of toxins in the smoke given off by traditional coffee drum roasters is a significant barrier for coffee roasters operating in populated areas.  Even with the use of an afterburner, significant airborne particulates (allergens), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and greenhouse gases such as carbon, methane and nitrous oxide are released into the atmosphere – sometimes resulting in complaints from neighbours, and even bylaw enforcement.

Roastaire’s almost zero-emissions technology and tremendous energy savings make it the most environmentally sustainable coffee roaster in Canada.

In terms of the difference in CO2 emissions, a Roastaire™ running at full capacity produces less emissions annually than one vehicle.  This is in stark contrast to a comparably-sized traditional gas-fired roaster, which emits the equivalent of 19 vehicles worth of emissions.

The Roastaire also allows the user to roast coffee in places never before possible, because of emissions advancements and the space saving compact design.