Energy Savings


Energy efficiency not only means cost savings, but greatly reduced emissions & ecological footprint.


The Roastaire's incredible energy efficiency is not only good news for your bottom line, but for the air we breathe.

Discover the lowest-impact, most environmentally sound and most energy-saving commercial coffee roaster available.

The Roastaire™ consumes only 24,000 BTU’s per hr., in comparison with the same size gas roaster/afterburner combination which consumes a whopping 496,000 BTU’s for the same 30 lbs. of coffee !  This makes Roastaire™ 20 times more energy efficient’ than the same size gas roaster & afterburner!

  •  It takes 800 BTU’s to generate one pound of coffee using the Roastaire™ in comparison to the 16,533 BTU’s used to generate one pound of coffee using equivalent drum roasting technology with an afterburner.
  • Over the course of one year’s roasting on a sample-size of 30,000 lbs. of coffee, this translates in to the energy savings equivalent to that consumed by 8 single family homes
  •  Based on 30,000 lbs of coffee/year and despite gas being at historic lows, the cost-savings from using an electric Roastaire over a gas-fired roaster is approximately $4200 annually.