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Small footprint air roaster requiring no afterburner, no gas lines and no complicated, lengthy training to operate.

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The Roastaire is a patented, 3.3 kg batch micro-roaster that produces 30 lbs. of freshly roasted beans per hour and allows for precisely-controlled artisan roasting with almost no emissions.
Roastaire’s small-footprint design and clean-air technology allows the user to roast coffee in places never before possible. Much like the traditional drum style roaster, the Roastaire is designed for artisan small-batch retail coffee roasting. Roastaire technology hybridizes the best characteristics of drum roasting together with the modern advantages of fluidized bed roasting technology (air roasting) which suspends the roasting beans in an evenly heated jacket of hot air, ensuring they roast evenly without burning. Roastaire’s SMRT© roast control technology allows the Roastmaster precise control batch after batch as it accurately measures the progress of the roasting cycle in real time. The advanced ‘closed-loop’ method of roasting reclaims the heat used in the roasting process, creating a substantial energy savings in addition to the unique roasting profile it produces.

During the roasting process, beans become ‘exothermic’ when they begin to give off heat instead of absorbing heat. This is the point that roasters refer to as ‘Pyrolysis’, and it is key to developing perfect carmelization in coffee beans. The ability to consistently interrupt the roasting process at the precise moment during pyrolylis is crucial to what defines a great roast and ultimately every Roastmaster. The Roastaire manages thermal overshoot better than any other commercial roaster on the market today, stopping the exothermic process inside of 25 seconds.

Roastaire’s emission control system is closed to the environment for 85% of the roasting process. Before any air leaves the roaster, an internal air scrubbing process captures approximately 80% of airborne particulates & emissions through a patented internal emission management process, preventing escape into the air. Our mission is to provide you with: Clean Air Artisan Coffee Roasting technology.

Roastaire emits very little emissions

View infographic of CO2 compared to gas roaster

Roastaire emits very little emissions

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Roastaire uses a fraction of the energy of a gas roaster

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cost effective coffee roaster

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