Roastery Cafés


Roastery cafés not only benefit from the savings of roasting their own own beans, they add new revenue streams through bean sales to customers or bulk clients.


Having a Roastaire in-house adds the 'Theatre of Roasting' to your establishment, offering an experience to your patrons beyond simply going out for a coffee.


Roastery cafes are quickly becoming synonymous with the freshest, highest quality coffee, much like how brewpubs have risen to prominence in recent years.

The Roastery Café is the next evolution of the coffee house. Roastaire’s ‘Theatre of Roasting’ experience presents a new & exciting retail coffee opportunity & a revenue generating cornerstone for any café or grocery store.

In-house micro-roasting has become a gastronomic art, much like micro-brewing & brew pubs. More and more cafés are opting to make specialty micro-roasted coffee and the ‘theatre of roasting’  the cornerstone of their operation, as more and more consumers are demanding nuanced flavours and true freshness in their coffee experience. With Roastaire™, you can centre your café around truly fresh coffee – an experience they can taste in the cup, see in action and take home in bean form.

In-café roasting opens up new revenue verticals and provides a unique differentiator in a competitive café market.  The Roastaire™ was designed to provide virtually any café the ability to roast in-house. It can be installed in high-density, urban locations because of its space saving design and minimal emissions. It is also less expensive to operate, providing significant energy savings

Roastaire’s elegant, stainless-steel design and compact footprint make it an appealing café element. Roastaire™ owners can feature the roaster directly in view of their customers – making roasting itself a focal point of their café experience.

Roastaire™ can produce 30 lbs. of freshly roasted beans per hour (180 lbs. per 6 hr roasting session), which in a retail environment is significant for a strong retail bean-sales business model.

The high-margin bean business:

Retail bean sales can be the reliable backbone of a café, with artisan-roasted organic beans retailing for $16 or more per pound.

Did you know – In-house roasting can cut overhead bean costs by up to $4.00 per lb?
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Operating a roastery café with a retail bean business component opens up an exciting high profit margin revenue stream.
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